Chenrezig Fund

What We Do

The Chenrezig Fund, Inc. is a non-profit charitable organization devoted to assisting Tibetans in their efforts to survive as a distinct people and maintain their unique and ancient cultural heritage. We do this by finding sponsors for impoverished Tibetan refugee children and elders who are living on the Indian subcontinent. We also raise funds for the Chenrezig Scholarship Fund that supports several Tibetan refugees pursuing higher studies.

Supported Projects

Our Mission

The Chenrezig Fund is a charitable and educational organization devoted to assisting the Tibetan people in their efforts to survive as a distinct people and maintain their unique and ancient cultural heritage. The Chenrezig Fund accomplishes this end by providing support for selected charitable projects initiated by people of Tibetan origin.

Projects are selected by the Board of Directors and may include cultural preservation, education, social service, and health care. Support activities include appeals for donations and grants from individuals, groups, corporations, and foundations; appeals for in-kind donations; appeals for volunteer professional services; and presentations and promotional literature to increase public awareness of the Tibetan projects and their needs.

Support efforts for selected projects are administered separately by Board-approved directors. All support activities are subject to approval by the Board of Directors.

Board of Directors and Officers

Tsering C. KindyPresident, Treasurer and Board Member

Kunga SangpoVice-President and Board Member

Sonam D. KindySecretary, Executive Director and Board Member

Grants Made in 2016

Chenrezig Fund Scholarships Awarded to 8 Tibetan Scholars: $50,000

Full Sponsorships for 17 Tibetan Children in Residence at the Tibetan Chilren's Home in Dehra Dun, India: $12,000

Capital Development Grant to the Tibetan Children's Home in Dehra Dun, India: $5,782

Towards living expenses of 2 destitute Tibetan elders in Bir, Chauntra, India: $250

Contact Us

The Chenrezig Fund depends on the generosity of donors to support our projects. Please contact us today, so you can start helping the lives of Tibetans refugees in exile, seeking a better life through education.